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Gateron Black Pro V2 2.0 Switch

Gateron Black Pro V2 2.0 Switch

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Gateron Pro 2.0 Black Switch: Ideal for high-performance keyboards, this linear switch with a 60g actuation force ensures stability and reliability. With a 4mm total travel distance and 2mm actuation point, it's responsive for fast-paced gaming. Durable for 80 million keystrokes, featuring vibrant RGB backlighting and a smooth, stable feel. Elevate your typing with this long-lasting, precision switch.

Gateron Black Pro V2 2.0 Specifications

Brand Gateron
Switch Pack Size Multi-Pack sizes
Switch Characteristic Linear
Total-Travel 4.0mm
Pre-Travel 2.0mm
Actuation Force 60g
Factory Lubrication Yes
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